Advent Devotionals 2017

BLOG Advent 2017

As we prepare for the Advent season, here are some helpful resources below:

Desiring God – Advent Resources

GCTS – Journey to the Manger

Bible Gateway – Advent Devotionals

Biola University – The Advent Project

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New Book: You Are What You Love

BLOG You are What You Love

“You are what you love. But you might not love what you think.

In this book, award-winning author James K. A. Smith shows that who and what we worship fundamentally shape our hearts. And while we desire to shape culture, we are not often aware of how culture shapes us. We might not realize the ways our hearts are being taught to love rival gods instead of the One for whom we were made. Smith helps readers recognize the formative power of culture and the transformative possibilities of Christian practices. He explains that worship is the “imagination station” that incubates our loves and longings so that our cultural endeavors are indexed toward God and his kingdom. This is why the church and worshiping in a local community of believers should be the hub and heart of Christian formation and discipleship.

Following the publication of his influential work Desiring the Kingdom, Smith received numerous requests from pastors and leaders for a more accessible version of that book’s content. No mere abridgment, this new book draws on years of Smith’s popular presentations on the ideas in Desiring the Kingdom to offer a fresh, bottom-up rearticulation. The author creatively uses film, literature, and music illustrations to engage readers and includes new material on marriage, family, youth ministry, and faith and work. He also suggests individual and communal practices for shaping the Christian life”

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新書介紹: 作祂的僕人

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New Book: A Woman’s Wisdom

BLOG A Woman's Wisdom

“Advice books are no short-lived trend, even though much of the advice parading as ‘wisdom’ proves shallow in the long run. What we need is biblical wisdom, and even more than that we need hearts set on the One who governs all our practicalities. The book of Proverbs unlocks the key to both, helping us to face very real challenges such as:

  • handling our freedom, independence, and material resources wisely
  • keeping ourselves sexually pure
  • practicing biblical femininity in a world that scorns us for it
  • sustaining God-glorifying marriages
  • elevating biblical priorities ahead of day-to-day pressures

Exploring the timeless counsel in the book of Proverbs, A Woman’s Wisdom teaches us to know the very Author of wisdom and to apply his relevant, how-to riches.”

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新書介紹: 歐洲師母唔易做

BLOG 歐洲師母唔易做




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新書介紹: 培養高EQ的靈命

BLOG 培養高EQ的靈命

“作者為一般信徒撰寫了《培養高 EQ 的靈命》,勾勒結合情感健康與默觀的靈命,提供三種主要的恩賜,使我們能夠在現今有分於耶穌基督那無與倫比的改變能力:

並且指出切實可行之路,引導你通往情感健康的靈命之路 認識你自己,以便認識神
回顧過去,以便向前邁進 穿牆之旅:等候神,以便穿越靈命之牆



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Free eBook: Why the Reformation Still Matters

BLOG Why The Reformation

Crossway is offering a free eBook download of Why the Reformation Still Matters in exchange for a survey; you can access it here.

Does the Reformation Still Matter?

In 1517, a German monk nailed a poster to the door of a church, disputing key doctrines taught by the Roman Catholic Church in that day. This moment set in motion a movement that changed the entire trajectory of church history. But do the Reformers still have something to teach us?

In this accessible primer, Michael Reeves and Tim Chester answer eleven key questions raised by the Reformers—questions that remain critically important for the church today.”

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Free eBook: Purity is Possible

BLOG Purity is Possible

The Good Book Company is offering Helen Thorne’s Purity is Possible for free this month; you can check it out here.

“One in five Christian women use pornography. One in three visitors to a porn site is a woman. Many, many more women read explicit books like Fifty Shades of Gray. Even more than that write their own pornography—not on paper for publication, but in their heads for their own use.

Helen Thorne knows all this because she’s done it.

But no one talks about it. Our churches are silent on it. There are very few books about it. It is the unspoken struggle of thousands of Christian women—perhaps you, and probably someone you know.”

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