Library Policies

Steps to Borrowing
(1) Remove the library card from the material (typically in the front or back)

(2) Fill out date of return, your name, and your phone number

(3) Place the library card into the wooden library card box

Steps to Returning
(1) Return borrowed material into pink return box

Steps to Renewal 
Fill out library material renewal form and place into the wooden library card box or fill out the online Contact Us form

Borrowing Duration
Books – 1 month
CDs & DVDs – 2 weeks
Magazines – 2 weeks (there are no library cards for magazines; please return at the designated deadline)

Late Returns
– A list of late return materials will be published on this blog and posted on the library’s bulletin board

Other Notes
– All library materials can only be renewed once
– All library cards must be completed before taking out library material
– All materials marked with REF (Reference) call numbers cannot be borrowed without special request. Please talk to library staff for assistance.
– The library does not accept book donations.
– Please report any damaged items by filling out the online Contact Us form