Credo Magazine: The Glory of the Atonement

BLOG The Glory of the Atonement

Credo Magazine has published their first issue for 2018 and includes articles written by Mike Riccardi, Stephen Wellum, and Michael Morales. You can view the magazine articles here.

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Free Audiobook: Jonathan Edwards – America’s Genius

BLOG Jonathan Edwards

For the month of May, Christian Audio is offering a free audiobook download of Jonathan Edwards: America’s Genius; you can access it here.

“Jonathan Edwards was just an ordinary American boy but he was different too. The country he lived in wasn’t the America of today – but a new world full of adventure and opportunity. Battles and Tomahawks were just some of the thrilling adventures that his family lived through.

But Jonathan also loved the small things in life too. In an age of scientific discovery, Edwards saw God’s beauty displayed most perfectly through nature. His journals are filled with drawings of plants, animals, and spiders because he knew that each one of them reflected the creativity of its Creator.

His mind was full of questions and he grappled for the answers.
Intellectually there were few to beat him. However it wasn’t just his amazing intelligence that set him apart from other boys his age – he may have had a thirst for knowledge but he also had a strong desire for the things of God. His genius and abilities teamed up well with his faith and love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

One day the country that would become the United States of America would look back at this man of brilliance as a founding influence on their land.”

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Free eBook: Gospel Wakefulness

BLOG Gospel Wakefulness

Crossway is offering a free download of Jared Wilson’s Gospel Wakefulness in exchange for a brief survey; you can access it here.

Do you ever feel like your desire for God is waning? Are you numb to the routine of church? What does it mean to be truly awakened to the wonder of the gospel?

Jared Wilson contends that we must be regularly engaged and engaging others with the good news of the sacrificing, dying, rising, exalted person of Jesus Christ. Wilson reminds us of the death-proof, fail-proof King of kings who is before all things and in all things and holding all things together, and of the Spirit’s power to quicken our hearts and captivate our imaginations. The message of Gospel Wakefulness will make numbness the exception (rather than the norm) and reawaken us to the multifaceted brilliance of the gospel.”

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Free eBook: Reading the Bible Supernaturally

BLOG Reading the Bible Supernaturally

For this weekend only, Desiring God is offering free download of John Piper’s Reading the Bible Supernaturally; you can access it here.

Does it take a miracle to read the Bible?

God wrote a book, and its pages are full of his glory. But we cannot see his beauty on our own, with mere human eyes.

In Reading the Bible Supernaturally, John Piper aims to show us how God works through his written Word when we pursue the natural act of reading the Bible, so that we experience his sightgiving power—a power that extends beyond the words on the page.

Ultimately, Piper shows us that in the seemingly ordinary act of reading the Bible, something miraculous happens: we are given eyes to behold the glory of the living God.”

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Free Audiobook: Talking with Your Kids about God

BLGO Talking with Your Kids

Christian Audio is offering a free download of Natasha Crain’s Talking with Your Kids about God for free; you can access it here.

“Christian parenting is hard work–and it’s getting harder. Parents have a deep desire to pass on their faith, but fear that today’s increasingly skeptical and hostile world will eventually lead their kids to reject the truth of Christianity. That leaves parents feeling overwhelmed. This practical and timely resource gives parents the confidence of knowing what to discuss with their children and how to discuss it in order to facilitate impactful conversations that will form the basis of a lifelong faith. ”

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Free eBook: Calvin on the Christian Life

BLOG Calvin

Crossway is offering Michael Horton’s Calvin on the Christian Life for free eBook download in exchange for a survey; you can access it here.

“John Calvin, a man adored by some and maligned by others, stands as a legendary figure in Christian history. In Calvin on the Christian Life, professor Michael Horton offers us fresh insights into the Reformer’s personal piety and practical theology by allowing Calvin to speak in his own words.

Drawing not only from his Institutes and biblical commentaries, but also from lesser-known tracts, treatises, and letters, this book will deepen your understanding of Calvin’s theology and ministry by exploring the heart of his spiritual life: confident trust and unwavering joy in the sovereign grace of God.”

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Free eBook: What Did Jesus Really Mean When He Said Follow Me?

BLOG Follow Me

For a limited time, you can download David Platt’s What Did Jesus Really Mean When He Said Follow Me? here.

“You may think you are a Christian—but are you sure? Jesus’ call to follow him is more than an invitation to pray a prayer. It is a summons to lose your life and find new life and ultimate joy in him. In David Platt’s book Follow Me: A Call to Die. A Call to Live he asks the question, “What did Jesus really mean when he said, ‘Follow me’?” What if we really listened to Jesus’ words and heard what he is saying? When people truly engage with Jesus’ personal invitation to follow him, everything changes, for he is worthy of all our trust and affections.

What Did Jesus Really Mean When He Said Follow Me? builds on the message of Follow Me to motivate readers to experience our grand purpose: to exalt the glory of God by spreading Christ’s gospel—to make disciples who are making disciples. This booklet is a great resource to share with others to discuss crucial faith questions in a personal and grace-filled manner and engage others to be disciple-makers in obedience to Jesus. Ideal for small groups or personal and mass evangelism.”

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Free eBook: Heaven

BLOG Heaven

For a limited time, you can download Randy Alcorn’s Heaven: Biblical Answers to Common Questions here.

“This pocket-sized 64-page booklet provides 18 easy-to-understand questions and answers adapted from Randy Alcorn’s bestselling book Heaven. Great for evangelism, this handy little booklet makes a great gift for non-believers!”

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