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Crossway is offering a free download of Paul Tripp’s Awe in exchange for a survey; you can access it here.

Humans are hardwired for awe.

Our hearts are always captured by something—that’s how God made us. But sin threatens to distract us from the glory of our Creator. All too often, we stand in awe of everything but God.

Uncovering the lies we believe about all the earthly things that promise us peace, life, and contentment, Paul Tripp redirects our gaze to God’s awe-inducing glory—showing how such a vision has the potential to impact our every thought, word, and deed.”

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新書介紹: 我信故我思

BLOG 我信故我思

“人的信仰決定人的生活,包括價值觀、生活取向、情緒健康等。一個沒有信仰的人,好像沒有舵的船,漂流無定。 本書便是對基督教信仰在生活和人性中的思考,是作者的心靈之聲:「我是在六歲隨家人信主,儘管未能脫離人性的掙扎,但一直自以為在追求敬虔,並且正直誠實。面對我人性的幽暗,我每天都在懺悔,但我的懺悔明顯是在接受和對審判的恐懼使然,而缺少人性的反思。2005年的仲夏,我經歷了一件讓我從惶恐無措,到憤怒,再到反思的事件。在其中我看到人性的敗壞和罪性的權勢?因此,我開始了信仰的反思,因為信,所以我思考!”



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Free eBook: The Gift

BLOG The Gift

For the month of November, The Good Book Company is offering a free download of Glen Scrivener’s The Gift; you can access it here.

“Nothing beats the feeling of giving, or receiving, the perfect gift.

The most meaningful gifts we receive make us feel known, loved and valued. And when we give a gift like that, it’s like we’re putting ourselves in our present. And at Christmas, that’s exactly what God did.

This light-hearted and lively book explores how our gift-giving traditions show us a glimpse of a giving God. Evangelist Glen Scrivener helps readers to celebrate the gift of life in a world brimming with beauty, before taking us to John 3:16 to unwrap the Christmas gift that can give us what we’ve always wanted, and what we really need.”

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