Free Audiobook: The Confessions of Saint Augustine

BLOG The Confessions of Saint Augustine

For the month of December, Christian Audio is offering a free audiobook download of The Confessions of Saint Augustine by Augustine of Hippo; you can download it here.

Saint Augustine’s contributions to Christian theology are second to no other post-apostolic author in the whole sweep of church history. Yet along side his doctrinal treatises, Augustine tells a story of his life devoted to Christ as his only satisfaction. The Confessions is at once the autobiographical account of Augustine’s life of Christian faith and at the same time a compelling theology of Christian spirituality for everyone. Among the most important classics in Western literature, it continues to engage modern readers through Augustine’s timeless illustrations and beautiful prose. Augustine’s Confessions is a book to relish the first time through and then profoundly enjoy over a lifetime of revisiting.”

Library Staff

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