NRAC Book Club: Why Trust the Bible? (Limited Time Free eBook)

BLOG Why Trust the Bible

The Library Book Club will be reading Why Trust the Bible? by Greg Gilbert in April. Crossway Publishing is offering a free download of the book until Friday, March 18 so don’t miss this great opportunity to download this thought-provoking book and join us in April!

“The Bible stands at the heart of the Christian faith. But this leads to an inescapable question: why should we trust the Bible? Written to help non-Christians, longtime Christians, and everyone in between better understand why God’s Word is reliable, this short book explores the historical and theological arguments that have helped lead millions of believers through the centuries to trust the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Written by pastor Greg Gilbert, author of the popular books What Is the Gospel? and Who Is Jesus?, this volume will help Christians articulate why they trust the Bible when it comes to who God is, who we are, and how we’re supposed to live.”

No sign-up is required to join the club. All you need to do is to read along and follow us on our Facebook page here. You can read at your own pace, post a comment, or just simply read what others have to say; there is no pressure to post anything at all.

Library Staff

(Image credit: Crossway)


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