Pilgrim’s Progress Chapter 15

Ministering Spirits Meet Christian and Hopeful

At the face of the gate, two Shining Ones come out to meet Christian and Hopeful. They are surrounded by sounds of trumpets with joyful and melodious noise as they are welcomed into Heaven. The King commands that the gate be opened to receive the two pilgrims.They also receive new garments that shine like gold. As they look back, they see Ignorance trying to cross the river but no one attends to him. He tries to enter but the King would not come down to see him and had him bound up and brought to hell instead.


It was all a dream and the author urges the reader to carefully consider the metaphors presented in this allegory.

1. Interestingly, Bunyan does not end the story with Christian and Hopeful. Instead, he describes a man named Ignorance attempting to enter the Celestial City. What happened to Ignorance? What do you think Bunyan is trying to communicate?

Thank you for joining us on this journey through The Pilgrim’s Progress. We hope you are encouraged by Bunyan’s precious advice to us as fellow travelers on the journey to our eternal home.

Library Staff

(Image credit: 1Fear)


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