Pilgrim’s Progress Chapter 14


Adventures on the Enchanted Ground

Hopeful and Christian enter the Enchanted Ground and feel sleepy. They remember what the Shepherds told them about being watchful and decide to talk in order to stay awake. Hopeful shares his conversion experience and talks about his spiritual life. Ignorance who trailed behind them all along, catches up to the two and joins their conversation. He claims to follow Christ but still holds on to his own righteousness for salvation.
Christian and Hopeful continue on and find two shining men who tell them they are two difficulties away from the Celestial City. There is a river with no bridge across, which is very deep, but they must pass through or else they cannot reach the gate. Christian begins to sink but Hopeful encourages him and eventually they reach the bank of the river. The Shining Ones tell them of all the glory of the place and the things to come on the other side of the gate.

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One thought on “Pilgrim’s Progress Chapter 14

  1. The second last chapter of “Pilgrim’s Progress” brings us to the last steps on the journey of Christian and Hope. They continue their discourse with Ignorance who proves to be very misinformed as to his salvation as he claimed his own righteousness apart from Christ. When they reach the river, Christian and Hope experience physical death and cross over to the waiting Shining Ones who welcome them joyously. There are two observations that I perceived after reading this chapter. Firstly, in regards to Ignorance, we can see that our thoughts about religion can easily become distorted through self-justification and works-based righteousness. We must seek to continually test our hearts against Scripture and the Holy Spirit as we are always so prone to wander. Secondly, Christian’s final struggle in the river with the remembrance of his past sins reiterates one of the central themes of the book, the Christian’s assurance. Bunyan himself struggled immensely in his early years of conversion whether he was truly a Christian and these thoughts caused him much turmoil and despair. However, Bunyan here illustrates to readers that true assurance is solely based on Christ. He is the one Foundation and Cornerstone by which our faith stands whenever we are afflicted with thoughts of hopelessness, doubt, and despair.

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