Pilgrim’s Progress Chapters 12-13

BLOG PP CH 12-13

The Delectable Mountains

Christian and Hopeful come to the Delectable Mountains which belong to the Lord, and upon them they can see the Celestial City. They meet four Shepherds named Knowledge, Experience, Watchful and Sincere, who invite them to stay for the night. In the morning, they show the pilgrims some wonders, namely the hill Error, where some had fallen and were dashed in pieces, and a mountain named Caution, where men were blind and stumbling among the tombs after their encounter with Giant Despair. The pilgrims cry at these sights and are speechless in front of the Shepherds.
Christian, Hopeful and The Shepherds
Next, the Shepherds show them the byway to Hell and explain that even those who had been on the pilgrimage to the Celestial City for a long time could end up in the place of judgment. As a way to strengthen the pilgrims, the Shepherds give them their glass to look at the gates of the Celestial City, keeping their hope within sight. As a final warning, the Shepherds give them a note and ask them to beware of the Flatterer.
Christian and Hopeful continue on and meet Ignorance who claims to be on the road to the Celestial City. He did not enter through the wicket gate though and wants to enter the gate on the basis of his own righteousness. Christian and Hopeful begin a discussion about a man named Little-faith and how he is like Esau who had no faith. Having little faith is better than no faith at all.
They meet a black man clothed in white and begin following him, only to find themselves entangled in a net. How quickly did they forget the Shepherd’s warning of the Flatterer. A Shining One comes to their rescue and sets them back on track. They are more careful with the next person they meet, a man named Atheist who tries to persuade them that the Celestial City does not exist. But they do not listen and press on, walking in faith.

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One thought on “Pilgrim’s Progress Chapters 12-13

  1. In this week’s reading, Christian and Hopeful continue their journey and reach the Delectable Mountains. At this place, they are met with shepherds that comfort them and are offered a far-off glance at the Celestial City. Going on their way, they are met with a fellow traveller named Ignorance who entered the pilgrimage by his own efforts and felt that he was entitled to reach the Celestial City by his own works. Next, Christian recounts to Hopeful a person by the name of Little-faith who was robbed on his journey but eventually reached the Celestial City by the meagre faith that he had. I think the narrative on Little-faith is what caught my attention in the chapter. Bunyan illustrates a vivid picture of how debilitating lack of faith can be for believers. Even though Little-faith lost his money to the thugs Mistrust, Guilt, and Faint-heart, nevertheless, he remains a genuine believer in the end. I think that Bunyan hopes to remind readers the importance of faith. Firstly, believers that exercise weak faith will struggle greatly in their pilgrimage on earth as they lose the ability to use the spiritual gifts and abilities that God has blessed them with to do His work. Instead, we should pray for greater faith and depend on God who is able to sustain us on our journey. For Bunyan, faith is not merely a noun but a verb in the Christian life. Moreover, faith is not just exercised at one’s conversion but is part of the amour that protects Christians against Satan’s attacks. May we ask God to increase our faith each day as we battle through the many assaults we experience daily on our journey.

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