Pilgrim’s Progress Ch 11


Christian Has Another Companion

After Faithful was martyred, Christian found Hopeful as a companion and they continued on their journey together to the Celestial City. They are joined by Mr. By-Ends who wants to travel with them, but Christian is aware that Mr. By-Ends may be seeking his own gain and still has not denounced his love of the world. Mr. By-Ends finds his own companions, Mr. Hold-the-world, Mr. Money-love and Mr. Save-all and they enjoy each other’s company as they converse about the benefits of religion and how they can use it for personal gain. When the group challenges Christian and Hopeful with a question, they are speechless when Christian gives a sound, biblical answer. The group did not follow them anymore.
Christian and Hopeful run into another lover of the world, Demas who invited them to see a silver mine and dig up its treasure. Hopeful was persuaded to go, but Christian warned him otherwise and that saved them from disaster. The two wander into By-path Meadow and witness a man named Vain-confidence fall into a pit because he continued in the dark. They come to Doubting Castle owned by Giant Despair and because they trespassed his property, they were put in a dungeon. After consulting with his wife, the Giant beats the pilgrims and even tries to persuade them to end their own lives. Christian begins to doubt but Hopeful reminds him to stay the course and recount all that he has been through. They pray on Saturday night until morning and then Christian remembers he has a key called Promise. He uses this key to open the prison doors and successfully escapes. When they are out, Christian and Hopeful made a sign on a pillar to warn other pilgrims of this danger.

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One thought on “Pilgrim’s Progress Ch 11

  1. In this chapter, Christian continues on his pilgrimage and is joined by Hopeful. The two are met with By-Ends and his friends which seem to symbolize a “health-and-wealth” gospel. The two pilgrims subsequently fall into the hands of Giant Despair and are faced with a period of tribulation and doubt during their imprisonment. When Pilgrim finally remembered that he had a key called Promise, they are able to escape from the castle safely. I think this chapter provides very timely advice to those who face extended periods of despair. During our walk in life, we will definitely face trials and tribulations which sometimes lead us to doubt and hopelessness. However, Bunyan encourages readers to hold fast to the promises that are found in Christ to anchor oneself during times of trouble. Those precious promises found in God’s Word refocus our attention on God instead of our present circumstances. May we always keep our eyes on Jesus as we have assurance through the Holy Spirit and Scripture that we have a God that will never leave or forsake us.

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