Pilgrim’s Progress Chapter 10

BLOG PP Chapter 10

Christian Overtakes Faithful

Christian caught up to Faithful, who had been with him in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Along their journey, they enjoyed fellowship and encouraged one another with stories of the people they met, the spiritual battles they fought and the victories they tasted, by the grace of God. As they continued walking, they met Talkative, who initially appeared to be very interested in spiritual talk and verbal religion. Faithful was impressed, but Christian warned him not to be deceived by his words. It turned out that Talkative could “talk the talk”, but he did not “walk the walk” wholeheartedly, because his life did not exhibit the elements of a heart truly changed by the Gospel. As Faithful challenged Talkative by asking hard questions, he got uncomfortable and chose to leave.
The pilgrims were met by Evangelist who told them of the hardship they would face shortly. The two approached Vanity Fair, a place of trials and temptations. Merchandise was on sale, things of worldly value that lured them, but they set their eyes on things above and refused to do business with them. Thus, they were beaten and put in prison for their noncompliance, yet they continued to display Christian conduct, which eventually won some of the townspeople over, causing more conflict at the fair. Christian and Faithful were presented at a trial before Lord Hate-good. The jury members all testified against Faithful and found him guilty and punishable by death. It happened just as Evangelist had said. Faithful was martyred and taken to the Celestial Gate by horses and sounds of a trumpet.
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One thought on “Pilgrim’s Progress Chapter 10

  1. In this chapter, Christian catches up with Faithful and the two set off together on their journey. On the way, they meet Talkative who represents superficial religion that consists of mere talk. After getting rid of Talkative, Evangelist arrives and points them towards Vanity Fair, a town full of evil and strife. Both pilgrims arrive and soon experience hostility and disdain as they possessed a totally different demeanour and appearance as compared to the inhabitants. I think that this part of the story is where Bunyan wants to illustrate that followers of Christ are pilgrims making our way back home. Being foreigners, we should indeed display a markedly different way of living our lives. As Christ experienced humiliation and suffering, we are also called to imitate Him and bear our crosses in following Him. Just like Faithful who was brought to court and falsely accused, there are moments in our lives where we need to stand up against those who discount our beliefs in Christ. I think this is an important reminder for Christians in North America especially in light of recent events. We may think that Christians are suddenly put under the spotlight and persecuted for their beliefs but the truth is that Christians will always be at odds with the world. Let us pray for our faith to be renewed and built up every day by the Holy Spirit so that we can fight the good fight and win the prize that is in store for us in heaven.

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