Pilgrim’s Progress: Chapter 4


Evangelist Findeth Christian Under Mount Sinai

Evangelist meets Christian who is lost and explains the true identity of Mr. Worldly-wiseman, Mr. Legality and his son Civility. He warns him that following that path will only lead to death. Christian is then directed to find Good-will who is standing by the gate. Good-will allows Christian to recount his journey thus far and then bids him on his way to the house of the Interpreter. In the Interpreter’s house are many rooms for Christian to enter while Interpreter explains the meaning of each room.
Reflection Questions
1. What is the significance of Interpreter’s house? Why was this an important place for Christian to visit?
2. Which of the rooms in Interpreter’s house do you find the most encouraging? How does this room speak to your own experience of the Christian life?
3. Which room in Interpreter’s house do you find most sobering or disturbing? What can Christian learn from this room?
Library Staff
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One thought on “Pilgrim’s Progress: Chapter 4

  1. In this chapter, Christian gets back on track with Evangelist’s help and heads off to the Interpreter’s house. In the house, Christian visits seven rooms with each room being an encouragement or a reminder that Bunyan wants to illustrate to the reader. The one room that struck me most was the sixth room with the Man in the Iron Cage. In this room, the Man told Christian that he was now doomed as he is no longer a follower of Christ and has committed the unforgivable sin. I think Bunyan is trying to illustrate that there are some who profess to be Christians but have actually never genuinely converted. Bunyan is giving a warning to those who have not truly put their faith in Jesus to seriously reconsider their faith. The unforgivable sin is always a hotly debated topic and I tend to agree with many theologians that the unforgivable sin is the sin of outright, blatant unbelief that leads to an unrepentant and hardened heart set against the message of the Gospel. Indeed, how can one be forgiven if no forgiveness is sought in the first place? I think this sixth room is very helpful to believers today to remember that the Christian life is full of highs and lows, but those who, by the Spirit’s power and guidance, persevere till the end will inherit eternal life.

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