Pilgrim’s Progress: Chapter 1 & 2


The Jail

The Pilgrim’s Progress: In the Similitude of a Dream. As expressed in the full title of the book, the story opens as a description of a dream about a man (currently unnamed, but later we find out his name is Christian). He has a great burden on his back and upon reading in his book, he cries out and asks what he should do. A man named Evangelist approaches him to ask what is wrong.

Since The Pilgrim’s Progress is an allegory, readers will see that the things happening in the story are a reflection of something else. As we see Christian go on his pilgrimage, perhaps we are able to relate to his experience in our own journey of faith.

Conviction of the Necessity of Flying

After hearing about Christian’s burden, Evangelist tells him to fly from the wrath to come and directs him to a wicket gate that he cannot see. Christian’s wife and children cry for him to stay, but he runs from the City of Destruction in search of eternal life. Two neighbours, Obstinate and Pliable chase after him to persuade him to go back. In the end, Christian persuades Pliable to join him on his quest to look for an inheritance that will not fade. Obstinate, however, refuses to follow and turns back.

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One thought on “Pilgrim’s Progress: Chapter 1 & 2

  1. In Chapter 1, we see how the book, the Bible, in Christian’s hand led him to see that he was in the City of Destruction and that a great burden was upon his back. I noticed that no one else in the first two chapters either saw Christian’s burden or their own.

    Being made powerless through sin, we can never in our own efforts realize that we all carry the great burden. For myself, I was very much oblivious to my own sinfulness in my childhood days and did not feel myself to be especially bad compared with others. It was only later on in life that the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see by God’s Word that I was utterly sinful. The power of God’s Word is that when its truth is revealed, it cannot be simply forgotten or discounted. All of us know that something is missing in our lives but it is God’s Word that brings us to realize that we need Christ to save us. Even as a Christian now, God’s Word continues to remind me that it is only by grace that we can be saved from sin and death.

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