Life Application Bible Study Series: Hebrews

Life Application Bible Study Series: Hebrews

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Book Reviewer: Philip Lau

This is the current Bible Study material used by our University College small group and Timothy fellowship. The book is simply broken down into two different parts: 1) New Living Translation Bible along with commentary; 2) Study questions for personal or group study.

This series has been around for many years and went through several editions so it proves to be a valuable resource for Christians everywhere. The commentary is straight-forward and goes through the passage thoroughly. There are also many helpful graphs and illustrations to complement the material presented. In regards to the Study Questions, most of them are flexible to allow the group leader to expand discussion topics. There are also additional questions that delves deeper into the passage.

On the other hand, this Series does give the reader/participant a rushed feeling as it tries to cover Hebrews in 13 chapters. Those of us who have read the book of Hebrews know that this task is quite daunting as Hebrews is saturated with systematic theology and historical roots. The discussion questions also tend to be quite repetitive and may require the reader/leader to dig deeper to find the spiritual truths in Hebrews.

All in all, the Life Application Bible Study Series – Hebrews is a great book for starters in personal Bible study and is ideal for pre-teens/young adults who want to get a broad overview of the book of Hebrews.

(Image Credit: Tyndale Booksellers)