Free eBook: Compared to Her

BLOG Compared to Her

If you have never heard of CCS, you may want to download Sophie de Witt’s Compared to Her for free here.

” ‘I am a recovering Compulsive Comparison Syndrome sufferer. It causes me to feel envy, despair, pride and superiority. It cuts away at my relationship with God, with my loved ones, and with myself. It has promised me contentment, and yet robbed me of it.
And although I don’t know you at all, I’m fairly sure you have CCS, too. That’s not meant to sound rude. It’s just that I’ve rarely met a woman who doesn’t struggle with it.’

This book is about how to spot this syndrome and its effects in your life; the view of life that causes it; how the gospel treats it; and how you can move beyond it to live a life of true, lasting contentment.”

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New Book: The Art of Neighbouring

BLOG The Art of Neighboring

What if Jesus meant that we should love our actual neighbors?

When Jesus was asked to sum up everything into one command, he said to love God with everything we have and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Most of us have turned this simple idea of loving our neighbors into a nice saying, putting it on bumper stickers and refrigerator magnets and then going on with our lives without actually putting it into practice.

What would happen if every follower of Jesus took the Great Commandment literally? Is it possible that the solution to our society’s biggest issues has been right under our noses for the past two thousand years?”

Come borrow this book at our Library!

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Free eBook: Praying for Your Children

BLOG Praying for Your Children

For those interested in learning more on praying for your kids, Praying for Your Children by Elmer Towns and David Earley is available for free download here.

You can make an eternal difference in your child’s life, starting today!

Filled with easy-to-follow advice and biblically sound suggestions, Praying for Your Children gives parents and those who love children the tools to make an eternal difference in their lives.

Authors Dr. Elmer Towns and Dr. Dave Earley share how and what to pray to bring your children closer to God. Defined are the roles and responsibilities of parents in raising children who learn to rely on God for their strength and power to be victorious in any situation.

Stressing the importance of starting early, actual prayers are shared that children can memorize. Biblical parents and their prayers are also highlighted, providing excellent examples of how praying for children pleases God to answer.

You don’t have to be a great spiritual prayer warrior for God to answer your prayers for your children. The secret is God. You donÕt get great answers because youÕre more spiritual than others, or because youÕve prayed longer or better. The secret is God! The simplest prayer launched with the simplest faith can set the wheels of Heaven in motion.

Trust Him to do great things for your children.”

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新書介紹: 研經 OIA


“Observation 我是研經的眼睛,專門觀察經文的點滴;
Interpretation 我是研經的腦袋,負責解釋經文的含義;
Application 我是研經的手腳,任務是應用經文的教導。




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Free eBook: Loneliness

BLOG Loneliness

For a limited time, you can download Loneliness: Trusting God for a Way Out by Elmer Towns here.

“You were created for relationship, and yet, loneliness can creep into your life like an illness, unwelcome and lingering. Maybe you are facing a period of loneliness right now. You may even feel like you are in a pit of despair with no way out.

You are not unusual. Everyone faces loneliness at one time or another, but it is how you deal with your troubled heart that determines your emotional and spiritual health. Whether the loneliness you are experiencing is a result of pain inflicted by others, the death of someone close to you, wrong choices you have made, or from some other storm in your life, God knows your sorrow. God has a ladder.

In Loneliness: Trusting God for a Way Out, Dr. Elmer Towns will lead you through the process of overcoming your heartache and finding healing in God’s presence. In this book, you will learn:

  • How to properly interpret loneliness
  • How God can use loneliness to strengthen your faith
  • The difference between loneliness and solitude
  • How to develop a healthy core understanding of relationships
. . . and more

No matter what the underlying cause of your loneliness, or how deep the pit, God will provide the ladder you need . . . to climb your way out.”

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新書介紹: 福音的核心

BLOG 福音的核心




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Free eBook: Corner Conversations

BLOG Corner Conversations

For those interested in learning more on how to spread the gospel effectively, Randy Newman’s Corner Conversations is available for free download here.

“Welcome to Turnerville–an imaginary place where people take time to think and discuss real issues that get rushed past or ignored in our world. Written by Gold Medallion nominee Randy Newman, this captivating book allows readers to learn new evangelistic skills by eavesdropping on important conversations that grapple with hot-button issues.”

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Free eBook: What is a Healthy Church?

BLOG What is a Healthy Church

9Marks Ministries and Crossway is offering Mark Dever’s What is a Healthy Church? for free in exchange for a survey; you can access it here.

“What is an ideal church, and how can you tell?

How does it look different from other churches? More importantly, how does it act differently, especially in society? Many of us aren’t sure how to answer those questions, even though we probably have some preconceived idea. But with this book, you don’t have to wonder any more.

Author Mark Dever seeks to help believers recognize the key characteristics of a healthy church: expositional preaching, biblical theology, and a right understanding of the gospel. Dever then calls us to develop those characteristics in our own churches. By following the example of New Testament authors and addressing church members from pastors to pew sitters, Dever challenges all believers to do their part in maintaining the local church. What Is a Healthy Church? offers timeless truths and practical principles to help each of us fulfill our God-given roles in the body of Christ.”

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