Pilgrim’s Progress Chapter 3


The Slough of Despond

Christian and Pliable set off on their discourse. At first, Pliable is excited to hear the words that Christian shares from the book, but his excitement is short-lived when they suddenly fall into the Slough of Despond. Pliable is offended that the happiness written in the book was not a reality and decides to head back. A man named Help lifts Christian out of the slough and explains that it is a place of conviction of sin, mixed in with fears, doubts and discouraging apprehensions. Being on his way again, Christian meets Mr. Worldly-wiseman and they discuss about Christian’s heavy burden.  Mr. Worldly-wiseman advises Christian to take the easy way out, and pursue safety, friendship and contentment, instead of the dangerous way leading to the wicket gate. He directs Christian to go to a village called Morality to find Legality and his son Civility in order to remove the burden. Christian takes this advice, but feels the burden become heavier and he is regretful that he heeded this new counsel.

Reflection Questions (from the link in previous email)

1. Where did the Slough of Despond come from, and why could it not be fixed? In what ways do Christians experience the Slough of Despond today? What has God given His people to help them through the slough?

2. What is Christian’s burden? What are ways that people, both in Bunyan’s story and in actual human experience, try to escape from their burdens? What is needed for a person’s burden to be truly removed?

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新書介紹: 天天為孩子禱告

BLOG 天天為孩子禱告




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Free eBook – Job: Waiting On God in Difficult Times

BLOG Wiersbe on Job

David C. Cook is offering a free eBook download of Job: Waiting on God in Difficult Times by Warren Wiersbe; download it here.

“The book of Job provides a definitive look at the problem of pain. It’s an epic chronicle with a powerful message: Even though bad things can happen to good people, God is in control. Based on Warren Wiersbe’s Be Patient, this eight-week study contains fresh insights and applications that help connect God’s truth with everyday life.”

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圖書館讀書會: 天路歷程時間表

我們現在始閱讀”天路歷程”。每一個星期,我們將會閱讀一至兩章, 請參閱以下的時間表:


CCLW 中文版: http://www.cclw.net/soul/tianlulichen/tllc.htm

每週日我們會在博客作一個總結和反思博客帖子。一旦你完成了你的閱讀,我們邀請您點擊博客帖子如下圖所示的 “Leave a comment” 選項來發表您的看法。



Pilgrim’s Progress: Chapter 1 & 2


The Jail

The Pilgrim’s Progress: In the Similitude of a Dream. As expressed in the full title of the book, the story opens as a description of a dream about a man (currently unnamed, but later we find out his name is Christian). He has a great burden on his back and upon reading in his book, he cries out and asks what he should do. A man named Evangelist approaches him to ask what is wrong.

Since The Pilgrim’s Progress is an allegory, readers will see that the things happening in the story are a reflection of something else. As we see Christian go on his pilgrimage, perhaps we are able to relate to his experience in our own journey of faith.

Conviction of the Necessity of Flying

After hearing about Christian’s burden, Evangelist tells him to fly from the wrath to come and directs him to a wicket gate that he cannot see. Christian’s wife and children cry for him to stay, but he runs from the City of Destruction in search of eternal life. Two neighbours, Obstinate and Pliable chase after him to persuade him to go back. In the end, Christian persuades Pliable to join him on his quest to look for an inheritance that will not fade. Obstinate, however, refuses to follow and turns back.

Please read Chapters 1 & 2 and post your thoughts by clicking “Leave a comment” below.

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NRAC Book Club: Pilgrim’s Progress Online Versions and Schedule

Beginning next Sunday, May 17th, we will begin reading The Pigrim’s Progress. Every week, we will be completing one to two chapters using Desiring God’s English version (other versions may have different page numbers). Please see the schedule below:

BLOG Pilgrim's Progress Schedule

We will post a summary and reflection at the start of each week as a blog post. Once you have finished your reading, we invite you to post your thoughts by clicking the “Leave a comment” option as shown below.


Here below are two free online versions:

Desiring God: http://www.desiringgod.org/books/the-pilgrim-s-progress

Bunyan Ministries (modernized): http://bunyanministries.org/books/pp_full_text.pdf

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Derek Thomas on Reading The Pilgrim’s Progress

BLOG Pilgrim's Progress Google Hangout

Derek Thomas, senior minister of First Presbyterian Church and Robert Strong Professor of Systematic and Pastoral Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, explains in a Google Hangout the value of reading Christian fiction and especially focuses on The Pilgrim’s Progress; you can watch it here.

We hope that you will join us on this journey of reading Pilgrim’s Progress next week!

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NRAC Library Book Club: Pilgrim’s Progress

BLOG Pilgrim's Progres

Starting May 17, the Library Ministry will begin reading through Pilgrim’s Progress written by John Bunyan (http://www.desiringgod.org/books/the-pilgrim-s-progress). We will be going through around a chapter a week and discuss through the blog (if you just want to read along and not share, you are also most welcome to).

If you are interested, please send an email to library@nrac.ca to sign-up and obtain more details.

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