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Be Reverent is a commentary on the book of Ezekiel and is available for free download here.

“The modern church has become a comfortable place, as congregations focus on creating warm and welcoming environments. But have casual attitudes replaced reverence for the Lord? The prophet Ezekiel was called to remind God’s people about His holy and glorious nature, and that message remains as relevant today as when it was first delivered. This study examines Ezekiel’s mission to describe the indescribable, a God beyond imagining, a King worthy of our reverence.

Part of Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s best-selling “BE” commentary series, BE Reverent has now been updated with study questions and a new introduction by Ken Baugh. A respected pastor and Bible teacher, Dr. Wiersbe calls us to rediscover the awesomeness of the Lord. Filled with inspiring words and images, Ezekiel’s timeless message will draw you into a deeper level of holy reverence for our God.”

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Free eBook: Billy Graham

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For those who want to know more about Billy Graham, Billy Graham: Candid Conversations with a Public Man is available for free download here.

Most people know Billy Graham the preacher. Many know Billy Graham the author. In this remarkable book, Graham reveals a personal side that few have seen before.

For thirty years, Billy Graham and David Frost fascinated television audiences with their conversations about God, the Bible, and Graham’s decades-long ministry. Frost asked the questions that thousands of viewers wanted to ask. Graham answered them with authenticity and grace. Along the way, Graham provided insight into life as an evangelist, a Christian father and grandfather, and a public figure in a changing culture. Most of all, Graham’s words show what it means to live out your beliefs—whether you speak to millions of people around the world or simply want to live faithfully at home and work. With a chronology of Graham’s life, a preface from Frost, and a foreword from his grandson, Tullian Tchividjian, this weaving of stories, interviews, and reflections will inspire you to respond to God’s call with no reserve.”


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新書介紹: 明道研經叢書 – 啟示錄





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新書介紹: 明道研經叢書 – 馬可福音





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新書介紹: 天道聖經註釋-路加福音(卷下)

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新書介紹: 天道聖經註釋-路加福音(卷上)

BLOG 天道聖經註釋-路加福音(卷上)




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Free Audiobook: Taking God at His Word

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For the month of April, Christian Audio is offering Kevin DeYoung’s Taking God at His Word for free; you can download it here.

“There isn’t really a ‘go to’ book on Scripture. Sure, there are plenty of theological books on Scripture, and lots of popular-level works on how to read Scripture, and more and more books on the whole story line of Scripture. But there is not one book that people turn to for the basics on the Bible. We need a book that college freshmen will read when they have questions, a book that mentors can use and small groups will employ, a book that a Bible class in high school or college might assign. We need a book on the Good Book that is relevant enough to get a hearing, but timeless enough to be read with profit twenty years from now.

That’s the sort of book popular author, pastor, and blogger Kevin DeYoung has aimed to write. Addressing the issues of our day—questions related to the reliability, authority, and readability of the Bible—DeYoung tackles these head on, but without complex terminology or a long list of footnotes. Taking God at His Word serves as a comprehensive and comprehensible introduction to a classic, orthodox doctrine of Scripture for the average man or woman in the pew, helping Christians across the globe gain confidence that the Bible really is knowable, necessary, and enough.”

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新书介绍: 以基督为中心的敬拜

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